Renewable Energy Solutions

What We Do

PERKE Consulting Team offers various renewable energy investment options including individual residential and industrial self-investment and we also provide fund matching between factory and potential investors including other private and governmental projects worldwide. 
Solar Energy



We provide end-to-end multiple options of renewable energy solutions from small businesses/ factories to huge powerplant scale.

We are Solar Broker with years of experience in solar energy business in different scales, our connections and expertise will help investors to source the potential solar projects from the best projects worldwide.

We have initiated the development of solar energy projects based on the selection of various energy technologies.
In addition to the use of solar power generation systems installed on the roof, on the ground and on the water globally.

Biomass Energy System

A clean, renewable energy source like Biomass can be managed sustainably. Biomass Energy System can be operated with high cost efficiency and low carbon emissions. Unlike other renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, biomass energy is stored within the organism such as trees, crops, and municipal solid waste, and can be harvested when it is needed.

PERKE is here to support your sustainable choice of investment and its flexibility by matching the right investor to each industry.

Cooling System




We can provide alternative energy cost saving solutions and Cooling System is one of the highly efficient technology. Your factories, buildings will be cooled by chilled water supplied by a chiller plant on the rooftop, eliminating the need for a condenser.

With the largest district operator and the most most diverse portfolio across APAC region. Our investors will offer the best benefit to you organization

EV Charging Solutions





Electric vehicles can help us reduce carbon emissions and build a more sustainable future.
We as the developer will provide EV solutions in multiple scale to match our end-customers demand.

In this area, PERKE has worked with the governmental authorities e.g. Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and other EV solutions provider in Thailand.

Electrical Substation





Electrical Substations are very substantial to complete a set of electricity power generations. Since it is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system, PERKE can recommend suitable investors who are expert in substation construction. With a safe and stable supply of power, our investors leverages its industry expertise in every process from development to construction, and finally to operation and maintenance.

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